Loading Haiku after BOOT

Hi. I wanna try Haiku, but I have one problem. I downloaded Haiku iso file from this official site and then I burn it. But problem starts after boot CD. It appears Haiku logo. And under title “Haiku” there are seven icons, I think. So it’s loading or something like that. From beginning three icons are shined and the other are dark. I was waiting maybe 15 minutes but nothing happened. I don’t think that I can have hardware problems. I have 2 Core processor and 3 GB RAM. So if you could try to help me, give me some advices. Thanks. If you wanna, write me on my email L.Denis@atlas.sk Thx.

You have a hardware problem. When it freezes at an icon that is a clear sign.

You may still be able to boot Haiku using SAFE MODE by pressing [SPACE BAR] when booting. Most issues relate to DMA, unsupported video or SMP. For video choose a) use fail-safe (VESA) video b) choose a video mode.ie 1024x768x32 - must do both to work right.

You can also enable console debug to see what is going on.

Ok I did it and it works. Thx for help.