LLVM instructions and status

Does Haiku still build and function when building with LLVM?
Does anyone have any instructions on testing it out?

I did some building on Haiku with LLVM. Clang requires a -fpic flag and an include directive that GCC does automatically. Are you referring to building Haiku or building on Haiku? I find it handy that Clang 12 works with Haiku while GCC 11 does not yet and is stuck on version 8.x.

This is not true, GCC 11 is already in the ports, but not in the repository. You can build it easily and it works. The reason for not being in the repo is because one cannot build Haiku with it, but possibly it is already solved. Try it and report back.

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Ok. It seems I misunderstood the situation. My apologies.

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I am referring to building Haiku itself (64bit) using LLVM.