Live DVD refuses to boot!

Well now, this is bloody annoying.

I successfully booted the anyboot-iso on my HP desktop rig, year before last, and installed to a USB stick. I put everything to one side after a few months, and then couldn’t find the Haiku flash drive, so…decided to start again from scratch.

I don’t know what I’ve done wrong this time, but it WILL not boot from the LiveDVD. Fails on the hardware check, every single time, and…up comes the ‘Welcome to kernel debugging land’ screen…! The main change I’ve made to the system since then is installing a Crucial MX500 SSD, though I fail to see how that would prevent a DVD boot…

Any ideas, guys?

Booting in UEFI Mode or in Legacy Mode , because booting from CD-ROM(DVD-ROM) in UEFI Mode is not supported at the moment plus some bugs while booting in legacy mode on some modern motherboards.

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