Little menu thing in deskbar

Hello All,

When I open an app like WebPositive I get an application entry in the deskbar.

I find the the little menu that open when you want to select the application really annoying. It doubles the number of clicks I need to get to my application.

For me the functionality is mostly useless because tracker is in browser mode and never opens more than one window, while WebPositive opens everything in new tabs so there will rarely be more than one entry to select.

Question - is it possible disable this functionality somehow?

If not, I noted that both right and left click on the item brings up the same menu. Can one of those clicks not immediately bring the first application in the menu to the top?

If this is just me being ignorant and doing something wrong feel free to correct me!


Hi civ247!

Two possibilities: Activate the “Show Application Expander” from the Deskbar Preferences. Or, easier if you don’t like those expanders, double click an entry. This will bring the window to the front that was activated last.


Thanks Humdinger,

“Show Application Expander” doesnt work when using the deskbar across the bottom of the screen. (a bug?)

Double click works, but obvoiusly I would prefer to get rid of that menu altogether and have an individual entry for each insance.

Still every little helps!

Thanks though!

“Show Application Expander” doesnt work when using the deskbar across the bottom of the screen. (a bug?)[/quote]
Not a bug, I think. If the Deskbar is used as an actual “bar” at the top or bottom, having the window-items expanded won’t make much sense IMO. They would keep sticking out into your desktop or, if you’d do it the old W2k way, you’ll fill up your “taskbar” with window-items. Also, consider that through Haiku’s workspaces you often have a lot of windows open, sorted by project into different workspaces. So, the expanders are only available when the Deskbar is in corner-mode.

I think you should try using it in corner-mode for some time. For me that is working much better than a bar that stretches the whole width of the screen. Just push your mouse to the far up right and you’re just a few pixels away from everything.
I know, when coming from another platform it’s hard to adjust to new ways. :slight_smile: