List of files - Tracker like


I’m new in Haiku.
I try a haiku API. I want to put List of files in Tracker like.
I wonder if there is some Tracker API to build list of files in my application with the same behaviour like in tracker. For example when I try to select a file copy or use right mouse click to show menu
I must do it by implement this, or there is some Tracker API

Are you looking for way to iterate the list of files?

Are you looking for a file open/save dialog?

Or are you looking for basically a file manager window?

If the latter, you may have to utilize or write it yourself. Tracker is not part of the core API of the OS, it is simply the desktop/file management shell that is loaded by default when Haiku starts.

Sadly, I’m not really a Haiku developer, so you’ll be somewhat on your own if nobody else responds here. You can always hit up the [haiku-3rdparty] mailing list, or the [haiku-development] mailing list for further info.

  • Urias