Lincense fees

Need I pay license fees for computers sold with pre-installed Haiku OS ?

Hi comsytec!

Nope, Haiku is completely free. If you don’t pre-install a vanilla Haiku, but decide to create a kind of distribution, you should consider the Haiku Trademarks. Whem in doubt, contact Haiku Inc.


What I’d like to know is where he can buy a PC with Haiku pre-installed!
In my case I found a local company that makes Linux laptops, and they were very obliging at letting be bring over a Haiku USB stick and check compatibility. Still had to install Haiku myself, though.

You representing this company ?

I can’t see any company committing to this until R1 is out. Beta, well maybe, but certainly not while the OS remains in eternal Alpha. If you sell a computer with an OS, you are committing yourself to support, and the alpha label makes companies and their lawyers nervous.

You and I know that the Haiku devs are a conservative bunch who don’t deprecate stuff on a whim. They won’t suddenly decide that Haiku no longer supports, say, Intel Video cards. The lawyers know no such thing.


As Humdinger says, the vanilla/offical version of Haiku has no licence fees. Haiku’s code and software is licensed for free under these very simple rules.

If you want to make very small changes to the software aimed at a particular audience (i.e. changing the default language to Slovak or bundling in extra software), you can contact Haiku, Inc. to get a free licence for making audience specific promotional demos.

When mentioning Haiku on your website, you just need to add this disclaimer: “Haiku® and the HAIKU logo® are registered trademarks of Haiku, Inc. and are developed by the Haiku Project”, with ‘Haiku Project’ linked to and ‘Haiku, Inc’ linked to

However, if you radicaly change the software in a remix or in a new distribution, you need to follow these rules about removing trademarks, otherwise you will need to talk to Haiku, Inc. about donating some money if you want to use their trademarks in a new distribution.


Ahh, you’re thinking of selling Haiku boxes. I misread your original post.

Be a great idea – at some point…