LibreWriter Issues with Copy-Paste and Export to PDF


I’ve been testing out the R1B1 HaikuOS lately, and I decided to test drive its version 5 of LibreOffice. I used LibreWriter to work on a 28 page document that I copied over from the MacOS version of LibreWriter. My experience with LibreWriter is that it works fairly well on Haiku, but there are two problems that I encountered.

The first problem is with the Copy-Paste functionality. Initially, if I copied data from either WebPositive or StyledEditor, then it would paste into the LibreWriter document successfully. However, if I performed a copy from within the document and pasted elsewhere in the document, then it seems that LibreWriter would no longer be able to access data from the system clipboard. The only way I found for LibreWriter to access the system clipboard again was to restart the App.

The second problem I encountered was when I attempted to export a LibreWriter document to a PDF. I encountered an App crash when attempting to export to PDF from the “File>Export As…” and from the “File>Export…” menu items. I did run the SoftwareUpdater application to ensure that my R1B1 system was up-to-date. But the crash was still encountered.

Has anyone else experienced these problems?


iirc there is a bug tracker on haikuports, maybe report it or see if it is a known issue.


Clipboard was a known issue that was fixed recently I think, perhaps if you update it will be fixed
(or maybe it wasn’t pushed to the repos yet? @Diver will know.)

Crash on PDF export is a separate issue, I don’t know about that one.


Clipboard is still a bit buggy in LibreOffice. See and

I can reproduce a crash on “File -> Export As…” with /system/apps/LibreOffice/program/LibreOffice --headless --convert-to pdf CREDITS.fodt
and found a similar crash (in MD5_Update) on OpenBSD


It appears the problem was a conflict in the MD5_Update symbols. We have MD5_Update provided by libbsd, and if LibreOffice links to libcrypto/libssl also, then this is probably the same issue for us.


It’s actually the oposite, they switched from NSS to libressl because NSS provides that symbol. I don’t know if we are linking NSS in our LibreOffice port?


Looks like we do:


Applied workaround from OpenBSD in

LO doesn’t crash anymore on PDF export.


Indeed, the PDF Export is now fixed after I ran Software Updater. I have successfully tested with exporting two LibreWriter documents to PDF. Thanks for working on it!