LibreOffice dependency issue with libpoppler

Things happen, it’s difficult to know the full impact of some upgrades (gcc, any build tools).
The tools we have also don’t let us upgrade atomically from a consistent repository to another (like a stable and development branches).

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I think it is possible to check repository packages integrity automatically (dependencies for every package are present, no unresolved symbols etc.).

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There are some libraries where the api breaks all the time, versioning changes or something else. For example poppler, boost - this requires several versions of the libraries at the same time in repo. And such libraries must be updated with caution, having assessed the consequences beforehand.


I was talking about the tools which, once updated, can’t build anymore what they used to build correctly (gcc11 vs gcc8, etc…). We don’t do exp-runs like FreeBSD does (see Policies of the Ports Management Team | The FreeBSD Project)

In this case it wasn’t related to “poppler” but rather to bison and gcc upgrade (IIRC)