After (another) brief time away, I’m trying to get a project building again. The project uses libgrypt and I know I found the devel items (SDK?) for it in the past, but cannot seem to find it now. I looked in HaikuDepot with no luck.

Any pointers would be appreciated.


Look for the libgcrypt_devel package at HaikuDepot.

Be sure that the option “Show” --> “Develop packages” is checked, at the HaikuDepot menu bar.

Thanks, I tried exactly what you say, but the package doesn’t show up. Does it show for you? Maybe there’s something with my system/settings?

Hello! Yes, I see the package. What version of Haiku are you using? x86_gcc2 or x86_64?

You are pointing to the new automated repo?

If not sure, open the Terminal and type:
pkgman list-repo

Updated: I see the package in both repo’s: the old and the new automated one.

Ugh. My OS is x86_gcc2.

Here’s what I see:

Am I supposed to be getting it some other way than from the HaikuDepot app?

Thank you!

Im also using x86_gcc2 :slight_smile:

That package is available in both architectures, and in the new and the old repos too. Theorically, you could get it without problems.

Are you sure that you not have the check “Show available packages” active? (also in the Show menu).

Here’s my menu:

And here is the output you asked for earlier:

Am I pointing at the right depots?

Ah, I was indeed not pointing to the correct depots. After changing them, I found the devel for gcrypt.

Thank you for your time and help!!!


You have a wrong url in the repo configuration:

Type this in the Terminal:

pkgman add-repo

pkgman add-repo

After that, type again:
pkgman list-repo

to check if the changes were made.

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I didn’t notice your previous post :smiley:

Great! If you need more help, just ask! :slight_smile: