Lava-L add-on

Hello all,

i need to burn a cd and i tried to burn it with Haiku. I only found Lava to burn a Audio CD, but it does not start to burn.

There is no documentation and no error message. Any idea?

Hmm…it is 32-bit only. I wonder how it compares to BurnItNow.

Burn it now does not support audio CD creating.

Really!? I have not had the chance to test BurnItNow yet in Haiku (Beta 1).

So, the Audio CD tab does not work? That is curious…wish the app also supported creating and burning cue/bin files too!!

One of the easy ways to encapsulate an ISO file with accompanying WAVe files as a single BIN file, which cdrecord supports. At least, you and I can use ‘cdrecord’ via the command line to accomplish these tasks in the meantime.

I have mp3 files and they need to converter and moved into a cdda first.

Ouch…converting MP3 files back to WAV–there will be some acoustical loss (assuming you created the MP3 files from the WAV files from an audio CD).

You can use ffmpeg or mpg123 to convert the MP3 files to WAV.

Of course, it would be best to have the original WAV files instead.