LAN and bridged connection don't work sometimes Why? What the hell


I use Windows like an Internet server for Internet between the Wifi and my computer with Haiku on it. Sometimes the network work…But sometimes like NOW that become the hell to do it working.

I have verify the cables (the led of the network cards is on on every computers)
I simply can’t ping my Haiku computer from Windows and the same from Haiku to Windows for now. It’s like a “Ghost network”

I have put a different static IP on every computer:

Windows Computer (With bridged connection):

Haiku Computer

I’m not sure if the Gateway and DNS is the right for the secondary computer.

If someones could help about it.
If Haiku have some command to renew the IP and DNS…

The gateway should be pointing to

Thanks for reply,

I have changed it…But same ping error when I ping my Windows computer.

Error message:
No route to host.

And no internet connection…exept on the Windows computer.

The LAN connection work now. I have rinitialized the network on Windows, recreate a bridge and reboot Haiku for that work but don’t really understand why the network is unstable. Maybe your tips about the Gateway will be a nice one.

Restarting net_server (Process Controller > Quit an application > net_server, it will restart automatically after quit) sometimes help to make network working.

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Thanks I searched for something like this for renew the connection.