Key strokes being duplicated

When I try to type in anything, (terminal, browser, etc.), each keystroke is registered twice, once when I press the key down and once when I release the key. For example, tapping the B key produces a “b” character when I press the key down and a second “b” character when I release the key. Tapping backspace will also delete two characters, once when the key is pressed, and once when it is released.
In addition, when I look in KeyMap, any key I press does not come back up.

What I think is happening is that the key up events are being replaced with key down events. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you very much!

Maybe try turning the key repeat settings down? I guess I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the keys, or just an overly responsive keyboard that registers keystrokes really quickly.

Nope, I can control exactly when the second keystroke is sent by holding down the key. It doesn’t have to do with the key repeat settings. I am also using a builtin laptop keyboard which works fine on a different operating system.

It’s most likely a bug with your keyboard in Haiku then. What happens if you restart the Haiku desktop?

Open Team Monitor (Opt+Ctrl+Del) or ctrl-alt-del and restart the desktop.

How could that help if it appears to be a systemwide phenomenon?

@hanss314, you should file a bug report with all the necessary info, see Reporting bugs.

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This is not a Windows system… :joy:


Restarting the input server seemed to fix it. However, I have been unable to reproduce as I have not been successful in quitting the input server after that one time.