KeePassX on Haiku

This is my experience trying to get KeePassX, which I noticed has some porting effort, running. I’m on more or less stock Haiku hrev47209 x86_gcc2.

Haikuporter does not come installed. Found and from that, opened a Terminal and ran these in order (had to change the third and fourth lines a bit) from ~/:

git clone
git clone
cp haikuporter/haikuports-sample.conf /boot/home/config/settings/haikuports.conf
# lpe ~/config/settings/haikuports.conf # didn't end up using this...nothing to change
ln -s /boot/home/haikuporter/haikuporter /boot/home/config/non-packaged/bin/

Then I ran (based on ):

haikuporter -S keepassx-2.0a5.recipe

After a lengthly repo-populating process (I noticed keepassx went by…) it said:

Error: keepassx-2.0a5.recipe not found in tree.

So, I tried again without the .recipe, as it appeared in the populating list:

haikuporter -S keepassx-2.0a5

This time:

Error: package keepassx-2.0a5 can not be built for architecture x86_gcc2

Huh. I noticed at that they specify the arch as just ‘x86’. So I went back to that conf file I didn’t see fit to change:

lpe ~/config/settings/haikuports.conf

…and uncommented the line SECONDARY_TARGET_ARCHITECTURES=“x86”, saved, and tried again. Even though it went way longer without complaining, again it ended with:

Error: package keepassx-2.0a5 can not be built for architecture x86_gcc2

So back to lpe ~/config/settings/haikuports.conf and changed it to read TARGET_ARCHITECTURE=“x86”. Ah, now:

Encountered problems resolving package dependencies:
  1: nothing provides devel:libgcrypt needed by faked_keepassx-2.0a5-2
Error: unable to resolve required ports for keepassx-2.0a5
Error:  package-infos:
Error:          /boot/home/haikuports/app-admin/keepassx/work-2.0a5/repository/keepassx-2.0a5.PackageInfo
Error:          /boot/home/haikuports/app-admin/keepassx/work-2.0a5/repository/keepassx_source-2.0a5.PackageInfo
Error:  repositories:
Error:          /boot/home/haikuports/packages

At this point I’m out of ideas. I don’t know how to get something to provide devel:libgcrypt.