KDL Syslog Output

Long story, but my live version crashes at boot, and I’ve been asked to get a copy of the syslog. So, Does anyone know:

a) if it is possible to save an output of KDL to a file?
b) once I have a copy of the results, either typed or saved, how I can search for other syslogs, and compare the results?


When system goes into KDL, you have to use digital camera to take pictures. You also enter in “bt” to get additional information. You can then attach the pictures to a new ticket.

You can search tickets for similar error. When you KDL you will see an error at the start. You then search for similar error and try to see which matches yours. If none do, then you create a new ticket. If you believe it is a hardware bug, then just create a new ticket.
Search here for tickets:

See here for more information:

Try SAFE-MODE & maybe you can boot Haiku?:

cheers :slight_smile: