KDE Frameworks 5 and KDE apps


I hope this will be true one haiku, i dislike the installing of the framework for windows with all and many i never need on my hd.


I really hope so, but we does not know how kde framework is running in haiku, because it was build for linux not for haiku at all


it wasn’t built for linux, it was built for qt. it’s not native to any operating system in particular, just any posix compliant one (and windows lol), which includes haiku.


Your last activity is one month ago and your ported applications are still not on HaikuDepot and Haikuports.
I hope the results of your work will not be lost.


There are changes in the Haiku system who breaks qt and other things, i think this is the result of no activitiy., iirc.


As of today together with 3dEyes we pushed KolourPaint, KTorrent, KStars and Calligra Suite recipes to haikuports. Current version of Calligra Suite consists of 6 office apps: BrainDump, Words, Sheets, Plan, Stage, Karbon. This required several new packages to be ported first and that’s why it took so long mainly.

Binary packages can be installed after switching to testing repo http://eu.hpkg.haiku-os.org/haikuports/master/repository/x86_64/current/ (only x86_64 for now).
Go get it while it’s hot! :slight_smile:

Haiku icon theme for KDE Frameworks (kf5) is not there yet as it still needs some love.


Great news Diver! Thanks a lot! You and 3dEyes are doing an awesome work! :slight_smile:


Will we see those packages available for the 32bit hybrid soon?


haikuporter is currently broken and can’t compile anything Qt related. @mmlr is working on it. Once it’s fixed the apps will appear in 32bit hybrid (testing) repo.


:cry::cry::cry: Bad for pleople like me with 32bit

But many thanks for your work


@diver did you mean x86_64 is not affected?..
i never use 64bit haiku … maybe i’l try next time


Yes, 64-bit is unaffected and has Qt apps fully built.


thanks @waddlesplash


Haiku Icon theme is also there now. We need some icon artists to replace remaining Breeze icons with Haiku ones. Create pull requests here https://github.com/threedeyes/qthaikuplugins/tree/master/icons


I can’t add the repository. I got a “Bad Data”-response. I am running hrev: 51568, x86_64 here.
Any ideas what I might do wrong?


Are you maybe behind of some kind of proxy?
Does normal wget works for you?


The default repositories works just fine (haiku and haiku ports).


Ah, Diver gave you a wrong link. Try this:



Thanks. Seems to be working!


…i’ve try kde5 on haiku64 (51568)… impresive… i’m try to install calligra suite…

when i try sheet and word…
try to create file and save… show error.