Just tried haiku and love it

I found out about haiku when i was looking for a python gui toolkit then i saw bethon target BeOS looked it up and found haiku so i burned the iso and tried it and i though it was really nice. I’m french but can speak english very well besides have typos every now and then.

I’m kind a python beginner and interested in learning more right now i got no work and nothing much to do all day then learn python etc. This is going to be like that for the next 6 months. So i was wondering if there was anything i could do to help out. Just tell me and ill get on it. I’m learning python as i said and will start learning Bethon shortly. So if you need testing or anything just ask me and ill be happy to help. I also have a good knowledge in apache mysql mybb and some html.


You will find the froggies at
the website is not very active, but it’s still nice to talk in your native language.

If you want to help, you can start with Haiku’s translation
Every propositions for improvements and/or corrections are welcome on the French mailing list
Just register and then introduce yourself !

There are 2 big python projects that I know of for Haiku. One is Haiku-Porter over at Haiku Ports (ports.haiku-files.org) and the other one is Haiku Build-O-Matic over at OSdrawer (dev.osdrawer.net/projects/haikubuildomatic).

Both projects are looking for help and are wanting new developers to jump on board.

A few other things you could do is to update the ports for Mercurial, SCons, Blender and other python based software (ports.haiku-files.org/wiki/dev-python).

If you need help with a project you start on, ask Scottmc (haiku-os.org/user/scottmc) if you need help with Haiku-Porter or with ports in general, and ask Matt Madia (haiku-os.org/user/mmadia) if you need help with Build-O-Matic or with problems with Haiku in general.