Just installed, have a couple of queries

Ive just installed Haiku onto a Dell c610 laptop, on a modular-bay 2nd hard disk, from haiku-pre-alpha-gcc4-r31449-raw.zip; quite painless and boots like a dream. About 30seconds total.

I wanted to put it onto a USB stick, but I haven’t been able to get the Dell to boot from those on any other OS, and the HDD was nearly empty,so I went with that.

It’s been a few years since I ran BeOS, so it’ll take me a little while to find my way around again.

It recognised the built-in 3Com LAN, and initially got a DHCP address from my router, then lost it after a couple of minutes, and went back to a 169.254.x.y address

How can I mount the built-in HDD1 ? Does Haiku do NTFS ? The mount menu from the desktop gave me no options.

The disk its installed on is 20GB, but DriveSetup doesn’t give me any options to add partitions. I’ll assume that the BeOS R5 version won’t work with a GCC4 build. I’d like to use the rest of the space - I had the whole disk on FAT32 before.


The NTFS module is one of the GPL licenses. As such, it’s not included in the official Haiku images. You’d need to build Haiku from source, and use the –include-gpl-addons configure option.

Regarding DriveSetup, the ability to modify partitions is being worked on as a Google Summer of Code 2009 project. On the main page, you’ll find a link for the GSoC accepted students. This in turn links to Bryce Groff’s blog, who is the student working on it.

As Matt stated DriveSetup doesn’t create partitions, but it can initialize them as BFS!

Thus, if you boot up with a Linux LiveCD or using whatever partitioning tool you prefer, you can partition the rest of your disk, and then boot back into Haiku and should be able to use DriveSetup to initialize a selected partition as BFS from there.

For initializing other filesystems besides BFS, you will want to use another tool (Linux LiveCD again would make sense).

Personaly, I had issues with DHCP. SO I configured the network manually (very easy, you just have to know the ip of your router), and I never had problems again.

Thanks. While I have several different live linux/other CDs,the disk I’ve installed Haiku to is fitted into the bay where the CD would go. So that ain’t gonna fly !

I could install BeOSR5 onto the 1st HDD,but I think I read somewhere that’s not good onto an NTFS partition…

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