Jean-Louis Gassée - 50 Years In Tech





Holy 16+ year-commit-log, Batman! :bat:


If you want to read any of the 50 years series, just go to The latest was #17 (There’s 2 part 16’s)


JLG has retracted his ‘bootleg’ comment:

[Update: Wity apologies, it now appears my “possibly bootleg” comment just above might have been misguided.]

Well, it not “might have been”, it was… but apology accepted. Hope Batman didn’t slap too hard… :wink:


Only stupid if such a commentary pulls his circles and leaves a false impression


I have been “slapped in the face” with “known” peeps in the gaming dev world so… i found this surprising, but not something unprobable.

Also, Batman image was perfect haha.


I imagine he was simply misremembering - 12-15 years ago the German company magnussoft was in fact distributing BeOS illegally, under the name ZetaOS.