Jean-Louis Gassée - 50 Years In Tech

Jean-Louis Gassée has been blogging about his memories in the tech world. It is an interesting read about the man that created the company behind BeOS. I am looking forward to the next parts, on the history of BE Inc.


Would be nice to send him a free Haiku Beta 1 cd, maybe?


I would love to hear JLG’s thoughts on the latest of Haiku.


The history of Be has began.

Most definitely. I bet he’d get a kick out of it.

Do you have a shipping address I can send it to?

I would send it to his company. For that, it may be best to just pick the nearest branch office to his home town Palo Alto. So that would become:

Jean-Louis Gassée
3000 El Camino Real
Palo Alto Square Bldg 5, Suite 800
Palo Alto, CA 94306
United States

(Best to add ‘personal’ on the envelope or it might be seen as unwanted promo/commercial stuff and thrown away before he can receive it)

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Perhaps “re: BeOS/Be Inc.” as well and a thanks for his inspiration. Dunno, may help. May be a bit too much.

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I like that idea :slight_smile:

This idea gets a thumbs-up from me as well. JLG inspired the entire project in a way, so I think it’s the least the admins could do, to send him a disc and see what he thinks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wonder if he even has an optical drive any more…

Could be that he doesn’t, but if such is the case, one could also write a letter or e-mail about it, with a link to the download site. Either that, or he could purchase an external drive; such products are very easy to find.

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Maybe it might be cool to send him a framed disc and a download link in case he doesn’t have an optical drive, as that seems to current trend.

I’d do the framed disc and a USB stick so he doesn’t have to worry about making one. He can just “plug and go.”

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I’d see this as worthy use of funds to pay homage to Haiku’s roots.

Yep. I wouldn’t do it for a rando, but for JLG it seems worthy.

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I don’t think he will try to run it tbh. He knows about Haiku already, he has been doing other stuff for almost 20 years now and has no interest in what we’re doing.
So, wether he does have a CD drive or not doesn’t matter.

Moreover, of course there is a arcode linking to the homepage on the DVD sleeve :slight_smile:

Would be great if JLG became a Haiku evangelist of sorts.


Unfortunately it looks like we can write him off. In his latest blog he says:

Today, a (possibly bootleg) version of BeOS circulates as Haiku OS.

I noticed this too. Haiku is completely legal. Wonder why he would mention that…

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