Java in WebPositive

Hi @ All,

as the subject says, i was wondering if it’s possible to use the new JAVA (thanks a lot for that) for Web Apps? Is there a plan for a plug-in, for WebPositive? Or is there still one? The most i had found on web search was out dated…

I need this for a special app and i don’t have a alternative. At the moment i have to use mAcOs on a terrible slow MBA (probably it’s the MacOS which is terrible slow not the hardware…). Thats also the reason i write this the seconde time (that’s the hardware problem)…

Another point, i had also tried a vers. of Ubuntu. The build-in JAVA wouldn’t work for this app, i had to install a “original” SUN JAVA. Is it possible to get the same problems on Haiku (whitout the choice to use another/sun JAVA)?

Please, i beg you developers i need a right OS. REAL multi threading, REAL multi tasking on all levels. 6 Jahres ago i had decided it would be better to use MacOS instead of BeOS as primary OS. Now i could throw this stupid garbage on a wall cause of it’s lack of speed and the “not feeling who’s the boss on my hardware”. Every time i’d tested an new vers of Haiku i don’t understand why BeOS is gone and the other 3 “big OSs” ar still on life…sorry for the last, but i hope in this forum the most will understand this…

Thanks for answers

Greatings M.B. Skuld

According to this:
OpenJDK does not include the browser plug-in or WebStart. these are needed
to run Java in the browser. According to that page, IcedTea
is an open source project available from Red Hat that can do this.