JABA CD Burning App

Back in 2009 the creator of the JABA CD burning application was interested in continuing developement for the Haiku community. We really need a good CD burning application for Haiku, and JABA was one which worked well in Zeta. Has any progress been made in the 4 years since the offer was posted on Haikuware?


BurnItNow works quite well :slight_smile:

BeOS 5 came bundled with it’s own native audio CD burning application, which could also be used for data. I would like to see Haiku do likewise - include a native CD/DVD burning application thats works “out of the box”, that can handle all of todays disc formats (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray). I have tried BurnItNow, and some other older BeOS burnng apps in Haiku, without success. Right now, the only way I can burn a CD in Haiku is using the command line. Back in the day, Helios was my app of choice for CD burning, but it is no longer being developed. JABA was the app bundled with Zeta 1.2.1 and it worked well for me.