Ivy Bridge HD4000 - HDMI Output doesn't work!?

When i booting from USB (HAIKU Anyboot hrev46016) all loading is OK!
But i get black screen monitor and flickering power button immediately after loading HAIKU.

Mini system:
Processor: i5 3570K 3.4GHz
RAM: 2x2GB Kit Kingstone HyperX DDR3-1600
Graphics card: built-in HD4000
Hard Drive: Seagate ST3750528AS Barracuda 7200SATA 3Gb / s 750GB
Power supply: XIGMATEC NRP 600W

PS: I tried VMDK Anyboot hrev46016 OS on a virtual machine. HAIKU - Neat & lightweight yet powerful multithreaded OS with a great future! I’m loving it! =)


The problem you are facing might come from the intel_extreme driver.
It is not compatible with HDMI/Displayport/DVI and VGA.
So you should remove the intel_extreme driver files (driver+accelerant) before booting.
Thus the VGA driver will be used and you should finally see the Haiku desktop.
I am facing the same problem with my HD3000 GPU.



Thanks Eddy!!!

Please tell me if you know. How to remove it files from haiku-nightly-anyboot.image, to write the image back to the USB with these fix. Thanks!


I don’t remember the path to where the drivers are located, sorry. I’m not sure you could even move/delete them on a anyboot image. Possible a raw image.

Please submit a ticket at the Haiku Development tracker[1] so the the dev’s know of the issue and can fix it.

[1] https://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki

I think booting with the vesa driver (safe mode option) should also work. Hold down space bar when waiting to boot.

It should work, you should then run haiku instead of installing it.
Check in the deskbar for the find menu, and search for intel_extreme (there should be three files to delete).
After that you can reboot/install haiku from your USB key without any graphics driver issue.

It is enough to rename intel_extreme binary. Kernel won’t be able to find it and hence won’t load it.