Italian website for Haiku diffusion/sito web per diffondere Haiku

I made a website about Haiku, for Italian people. In this website we can find manuals, reviews about software, how to install and manage Haiku. the Webmaster of can feel free to linking my site in the links section, for Italian users. My intention is to spread Haiku.

This is the url:
All the Haiku logos on my website are trademark of Haiku Inc.

Message in Italian:

Ho realizzato un sito su Haiku. In questo sito potete trovare guide, consigli, recensioni sui software da utilizzare con Haiku. La mia intenzione è quella di diffondere Haiku.

Questo è l’url del sito:
Tutti i loghi di Haiku sul mio sito sono marchi registrati di Haiku Inc.

Could you design your own logo?

The HAIKU logo is not to be used for the logos of 3rd-party sites. (yes, I’m aware that there are still some other sites that violate this, and at least the ones I’m aware of have been reminded on numerous occassions to fix it) The logo can be displayed elsewhere, like in an introductory paragraph – but just not as part of your logo. should help too.


I’m really sorry mmadia, i didn’t know. Now there is my own logo, i just kept the reference to the name of Haiku. Is ok? Check my website pressing F5 to update the cache.

Someone can tell me if the logo of my website is in accord with the guidelines?


From my understanding it is fine.

And it looks nice too. Thank you for making your own logo, Diamond Dave.

Good Work!
There are little italian sites talking of the OS of tomorrow: Haiku!

Buon Lavoro!
Ci sono così pochi siti italiani che parlano del SO del domani: Haiku!