It is possible to upgrade from BeOS to a recent Haiku?

Yes, I have BeOS on some older computers.

I would guess no. I suspect the old BeOS computers are not up to the minimum required for haiku. Even if it is, most of the BeOS apps will need to be updated as the file system is different. No /boot/beos for example and there have been api changes so they probably wouldn’t run anyway. There are some that will, your milage may vary. All of your files will be usable on Haiku.

Good luck!

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No, you will need to do a clean install. There is no procedure to migrate any settings, and the packagefs layout would not consider the old system folder; so all you’d get would be a Haiku install with some random bits and pieces lying around the disk.

Also, while there is a crossover period of PC that runs both well - Pentium 4/PentiumD and equivalent AMD basically - it isn’t huge. Haiku has a much higher basic RAM requirement than BeOS and Web+ needs SSE2.


Ok I expected that.

I thought there might be since Haiku was developed as a gradual upgrade to BeOS and originally developed with BeOS hosting the dev tools. To do the upgrade I would have to research the complete development history and probably install lots of libraries manually.