Is this Intel board supported

I want install haiku to one pc with intel mainboard (not my pc).
and i want know that intel graphic x4500 is suported in haiku, its suported 1440x900 or only Vesa resolutions. Board is : Intel Desktop Board DG41MJ known as Mystic Lake.


I have the same integrated graphics in my laptop and I get my native resolution.

Hi. Now i have widescreen resolution. i dont know that is driver function really properly becous is quiet slowly and in device manager there is not implement but intel_extreme is function.

I have inspirated by one man from haiku mailing lists… and i hack a intel extreme driver

i add device id to intel_extreme driver

here is my add-ons to sources (actual snapshot):

And this is what i do:

in file driver.cpp i add
{0x2e32, INTEL_TYPE_GM45, “GMA_X4500_VGA”}, // Intel Mystic Lake (dg41mj)

and to file intel_gart.cpp i add
{0x2e30, 0x2e32, INTEL_TYPE_GM45, “GMA_X4500_VGA”}, // Intel Mystic Lake (dg41mj)

thats all i have widescreen. i dont know have much is it stable and safe but is function.

You should try posting that to the haiku mailing list or maybe crating a ticket on trac (, so that the haiku developers will take notice.

ticket created…