Is there a way to edit WebPositive's cookies?

This would be helpful to e.g. force YouTube to use the old layout, as the new one does not really work in Web+.


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Welcome jmairboeck! :slight_smile:

Currently you can’t really edit Web+ cookies.
/boot/home/config/settings/WebPositive/Cookies is a flattened BMessage. You can look at it - but not edit it - from Terminal with:

message /boot/home/config/settings/WebPositive/Cookies

I suppose you could open the Cookies file with DiskProbe and hack in the right value somewhere…

Or just use the Cookie manager that’s built into WebPositive? Ok, it does not allow adding or editing cookies yet, but this should not be super hard to add.

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Won’t help jmairboeck’s to edit cookies, though.

The next version of Kottan ( will be able to edit flattened BMessages and therefore also Webpositive cookies I guess. I don’t make any promises on when it will be available, though. :wink:


Should I create an enhancement ticket for that?

I wouldn’t recommend using a low-level BMessage editor to mess with the cookie database, however. It’s ok as a stopgap, but we should rather add editing features to the cookie manager.

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