Is programming Haiku much like BeOS for PPC & BeBox?

Excuse my basic question as I am not a programmer by profession but curious, I have been having fun with my BeBox and have all sorts of programming books on programming BeOS but they are all old back when BeOS was still being made and updated.

So, is the IDE used in old BeOS similar to the IDE being used with Haiku? Would much I learn from these old BeOS programmer books help with programming in Haiku?

Is is Haiku very much a different beast than old PPC BeBox BeOS programming?


The old BEIDE is no longer supported. You can try PE, which is a favorite, or Paladin for IDEs. The compiler is now GCC.

As for code, the Haiku APIs are almost the same as BeOS.

  • AndrewZ

BeIDE can still be used on gcc2 and hybrid builds, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Hardcore developers like Pe quite a bit. Paladin’s a lot like BeIDE with some more features, but it’s not terribly different. IDEs aside, programming for Haiku is more like programming for R5 than R4 or R3. Most the basics are the same, anyways.

Programming the Be Operating System is mostly valid. IIRC the Media and MIDI kit info from Be Advanced Topics is out-of-date.