I have all the dependencies installed via HaikuDepot for Blender. For some reason, the Blender hpkg fails to download numerous times. Each time it fails 1/3 to 2/3 of the way through. I’ve tried HaikuDepot, pkgman install, and downloading via the HaikuPorts webpage. All the same result. Is there anything else I can try to obtain this hpkg? Am I dreaming?

Pkgman -full-sync

If its “just” the download, I would suggest to get the hpgk over wget
then it will resume… if stopped… if there are still troubles contact johnson clasquin.
after downloaded drop the hpkg (or do a mv in the terminal) to the (hope i remeber correct)

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:thinking::fearful: I think that’s a bigger pill than I’m willing to swallow. That is if that means what I think it means.:upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll try that too. Thanks! In the meantime, I thumb drove it over after a successful download from an alternative OS. I like doing as much as I can natively, even if I get other solutions to work first. Cheers!

Just wanted to note a typo:

to sincronize the packages installed with the available at the repo, the command is:

pkgman full-sync

(not pkgman -full-sync)

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It is for x32, but OP needs for x86_64.

Yes. I’m on x64. I didn’t see a 32 bit blender build.

If I followed that right, the “-” is used for 64 bit, and not for 32 bit?

I think I may have misunderstood “full-sync.” When I read that, my mind went to sync’ing a “full” repo and downloading an entire tree. It didn’t dawn on me that it could just be a little meet-n-greet-pow-wow of all the packages so they get to know one another and see who is doing what and where? Is that close? This whole pkgman/depot is still a new beast to me.

I think I may have to try each method and think about doing a tutorial write up. I know there’s gotta be a bunch of Blender heads out there gnashing at the bit for something different than the usual Mac/Win/Lin suspects.

It just put your installation sync with the repo versions, i had this same problem the past week.

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I must have had a bad day… I just reread through this thread and realized I misread most of the responses the first time around. This week has been too little sleep for too much physical labor.

So I tried full-sync and had the exact same issue that I had using the haiku depot application. networking isn’t quite stable enough to get through an entire batch of packages. The problem is that if the download fails at any point, I have to start completely over.

Let’s say I have twenty depends or updates to download. I might get 10 files successfully downloaded before it fails on the eleventh. This essentially puts me in an endless loop of futility unless I manually download and install each, every, all files separately.

You can directly download from haiku depot one by one if you have the list to avoid that … And put on /boot/home/packages maybe it can help.!/?viewcrttyp=MOSTRECENT

Clasqm has stopped rebuilding his repo, because to much changes. He will do it again wenn the repo will be available