Is it possible to programmatically change Web+ settings?

I’m looking to build a script I can chuck in git and just clone/run every time I pick up a new nightly and set up some basics for me. One of the things I’d like to do is modify the Web+ settings to put Goodsearch as the search engine. I noticed the settings are stored in a binary file, though. Is there any way of modifying these programmatically? Otherwise I’ll just have to take the whole blob and stick that in the repo, which is a little risky as the structure may change between versions. I suppose I just backup the existing settings before I overwrite…

Looks like I’ve solved it myself, lol, but if anyone does know a programmatic way to do it I’d be very grateful!

Like many setting files in Haiku, it’s an archived BMessage. The “message” tool can be used to dump it. It doesn’t look like message also has editing support, but that could be added, or a separate tool easily written.

WebPositive takes care of migrating old setting files when fields are added or removed, so it’s safe to keep using the old settings file.

Brilliant! Thanks for the information. I’ve learnt two new things about Haiku today!