Is Haiku still compatible with R5 Pro?

I am currently using Developer Edition 2.1.2 which is compatible with R5 Pro.
Will Haiku remain be compatible with it too?

For the most part, yes.

It’ll be generally binary and source compatible with R5 Pro with BONE. However, at the moment it looks unlikely that many or any of the completely hidden API’s, such as PCMCIA interfaces, media kit decoders/encoders and app_server communications many not be reimplemented

At the application level, it should just work fine.

I’m all for PCMCIA in Haiku…has any definitive descision been made on it yet (I ask to anybody reading this) ?

Looks like Jerome Duval did create and checkin a PCMCIA raw bus driver some years ago:

Thanks, though it isn’t in Haiku (revision 20797) ?

Update: I was told by Jérôme Duval that the link refers to “a Dano-compatible raw PCMCIA bus driver.” and that “The PCMCIA-CS stack is not ported yet.”