Is Haiku good and well?

Hello guys!
I have always been an ardent admirer of BeOs and later Haiku. It happened that I lost the focus for a couple of years, and when recently I went to a one of the biggest Haiku fan sites in Ru, I found out that the latest news had been published about 8 months ago. So guys, I started to worry, could you please advise me, whether Haiku is good and well? Is the development still in progress?

Thank you!

Hey Skfyr!

If you mean then the reason for the lack of updates is that the publishing feature of the web site got broken and the admin of the site Ivan Matveev is out of reach. Some of the news in Russian have been posted at

There is also where some of users hang out, so if you feel like joining please do :slight_smile:

Thanks mate!
Though it is sad that qube has some trouble, I am very happy that Haiku is alive!! When are you guys planning the next Alfa?

No specific date has been set yet. But my guess is that Beta 1 will happen sometime next year. The only missing feature for Beta is package manager which is currently being worked on.