IRC channel locked

We incourage poeple to ask for help on #haiku, but now one has to be registered just to ask a question. Who was the brain child that thought this would help haiku? He/she needs to be educated about being welcoming to new users / devepopers.

This has to be fixed!!!

Apparently we are not in the club.

I’m not, either. I’m not allowed to talk on #haiku anymore. This is not “the club” (whatever that means), just one single person trying to solve a problem the wrong way.

There is no “ban”, it only requires you to have authenticated with NickServ in order to talk. You can do this in Vision by adding your NickServ password into the “server password” field.

I’ve removed it for now, though.

i’ve been using irc for years and never once registered anything anywhere. never had trouble with name collision either, and anyone can glance at an ip address anyway, besides. also, there are plenty folks who’ll be curious without ever having used irc and will be unable to get help because here’s a roadblock without an obvious solution.