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There is KDE for Creators, and its very interesting reading about apps for artists and creative persons,

KDE for Creators - KDE Community

I write here this becouse for me BeOS was and Haiku is Desktop operating system and very suitable for Multimedia, maybe lack for now for graphics drivers but in future who know maybe artists and creators will be choose Haiku rather than macOS or Windows.

What do you think?

I don’t see a benefit of the mentioned website. You can use the applications that are listed there without needing the website.

On a more theoretical level I think it’s good that someone in the FOSS scene tries to take care of painters, photographers etc. I know a serious hobby photographer who loves Apple. And Gimp is great but less intuitive than Photoshop. This two examples show that FOSS can benefit from taking care of artists.

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Krita is super popular for artists, it’s even available for download on Steam. If only people knew how truly awesome more FOSS software is
Even stuff like Blender, Audacity, 7-zip, VLC is some real master class stuff and is totally free and open sourced.
Wonder if when Haiku hits R1, KDE could advertise it running KDE applications on their website, that would be some positive attention.


Now if only music production could be possible. Nothing in the open source/free software world is even close to competing on a professional level. And I have tried. I hated Linux for this problem. There simply isn’t enough interest in this to make it a priority apparently.

One of KDE’s main mission goals is make their software available as on many platforms as possible. They would definitely be interested. They are even in the process of hiring a release manager for coordinating the release of their software on other platforms.


I’ve used the Linux version of Renoise and it’s cheap for what it is. The biggest reason digital audio workstation software doesn’t go open-source is probably that a high-end workstation can run Linux easily and the performance benefits of using a lighter OS aren’t obvious (coupled with the fact that Linux has real-time variants of its kernel).

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