Interesting read about Haiku and tablets

this is an interesting read:

However, he makes a few conclusions that don’t seem right to me.

For example, about the lack of theming/UI customizing in BeOS, that was intentional as far as I remember. Be just wanted a unified look and didn’t think that allowing users to twiddle with this was very important.

And I think that this philosophy more or less continues with Haiku. Making the UI more tweakable doesn’t involve great technical hurdles AFAIK. Stating that you’d essentially have to re-write the OS in order to make the UI customizable sounds over the top.

Also, the guy is one of the “cloud is taking over” types. I don’t agree. I think the cloud is important, but operating systems are and will continue to be important too.

Finally, he suggests that Haiku (and other alternative OS developers) just have fun and not worry about world domination. But hey, that’s how it already is.

Despite all these gripes on my part, it’s a good read.

another (very short) but interesting read:

He calls the BeOS a “beautiful failure”.

I guess that’s a fair statement. Particularly if by failure you mean “market failure”. In other senses of the word, not necessarily.