Interesting article on haiku

A sort of review/overview of haiku in its current state, heading towards ‘general release’

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Here’s a nice review of Haiku from a Unix hacker:
Haiku: A New Kind of Operating System

The guy is quite enthusiastic over what he sees.

Another good review:
Ultra Random Thoughts: Overview of Haiku OS Release 1 Alpha 4

I came across another comment on Haiku here:

This is from Shrinidhi Rao, a developer for Blue Pixels Animation Studios. His actual comments:

Shrinidhi Rao Dec 11, 2012 - Public WOW... just tried #haiku OS using virtualbox .. i totally forgot that it is running under a vm with 2 cores and 2gb ram .. its butter smooth and quick . the gui is just about perfect without all those stupid bloats that other OS provide as a means to attract dumb people. music, videos , pdf .. works out of of the box . need to test more though .. i wish there was a way to install linux apps in haiku :D (wishing is not a crime) trust me .. for once i thought about forgetting linux and jumping into the haiku boat :D ..