Interest in WalterCon 2017?

Greetings Haiku Nation,

I am trying to strum up interest in a possible WalterCon in the spring of 2017 (around late April) on the East Coast of the US in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia. It’s obviously not Las Legas NV or Orlando FL, but it’s a nice place to visit and hotels are cheap and I can get a venue that could hold around 20-30 folks for free. I could also maybe get some discounts at a local pizzeria.

I think the most important to figure out is how many folks would be interested in attending and are there any folks who would want to be presenters covering any Haiku related topics?

Please respond here. I will also send out a message on the main mailing list to get the word out.


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Hmmm. I’m more of a spectator (and a sporadic one at that) but Shenandoah is almost accessible by DC’s Metro now… Intriguing. I’ll see if I can gin up interest in DC.

I can come. Just need details when and where.

So to be specific, the event would be held in Staunton VA and I am shooting for late April so it would be around 6 months after/before BeGeistert, which seemed like the right thing to do. If we can get enough folks interested in attending, then we can nail down the logistics, etc…

I’m in the DC area. I’d be interested in attending.

Do you have an idea of what the general agenda would be? Haiku related topics show and tell / Q&A / other / etc.

That’s a great question! I think once we figure out how many folks are interested in attending, then I’ll try to see if any of the possible attendees would like to share/present anything they’d like that is Haiku related. We’ll obviously have some learning while coding workshops, etc…

My goal would make this a very affordable opportunity with no attendance fees. Of course we may want to get some tee shirts with the venerable WalterOS logo printed on it with the conference mention. I might need help in getting the artwork done up for that. I think if some Haiku core developers show up we could maybe try to chip away at things blocking the 1st beta release. We’ll have to throw some ideas around about the schedule, content and whatever seems productive to cover and work on during the conference. Any suggestions are welcomed.

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I think if some Haiku core developers show up we could maybe try to chip away at things blocking the 1st beta release.[/quote]

You should try ask @mmadia and @leavengood if they would be willing to come along, as I think they still live on the US east coast.

Is Ryan Leavengood still on the project? I remember him being the release engineer for A4 back in 2012 but I haven’t heard much from him these days.

BTW, sorry for the delay in reply, I didn’t see this message until today.

The alpha 4 release was coordinated by kallisti5 (Alexander Von Gluck). Ryan is still treasurer of Haiku, Inc but has no time to do all the required work there.

See you in April then.


Not so fast. I have to work out some details first like how many folks are willing to show up and what the conference should cover. Getting a venue and a possible date for it seems not too hard, but the rest of it might be a little harder. I thought if anything, maybe a coder/tester/user jam of sorts might be something worth while, but folks might not want to travel for such. What would be nice is for some Haiku gurus to present some of the milestones that made it into the beta release and what’s left for shoring up R1.

I think between this thread and the email thread I’ll need to tally the number of folks who showed a strong interest in coming and then reach out to get a feel for expectations of the conference.


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That is close enough for me that I could commute.

I found Haiku just last week. This event sounds like it would be worth my time.

Hello tsimblist!

With April being right around the corner, it might be a longshot to get things together for such an event this year. So I was giving it some thought and thought that maybe establishing a Haiku Users Group with possibly using Meetup to manage it would be a good start. Then the HUG could then manage such an event in the future.

Does anyone know if any Haiku User Groups exist on the East Coast of the US now?


I don’t know of any local user groups.

Do you mean no conference this year now?


Sorry for the major delay in reply. I just discovered this today. I think with Haiku not yet at beta and probably needing some folks to help out plan for such an event, I think it might be better to get a HUG established and get some volunteers from that effort to support a WalterCon. One person did ask the great question of what would be held at the event, which one would expect some guest speakers and the like and that takes some planning and coordination for sure. Maybe if anything, I guess you could use WalterCon for a code/test jam for Haiku and applications in development.