Intel i810 graphics failing?

This seems to be a problem with one of the old computers, a Netvista with i810 graphics.
Everytime I start it, it freezes at a screen with what appear to be test patterns. BeOS supported this chipset so I’m wondering why Haiku isn’t booting on my system.

Another person reported the same issue here ( read it for info ):

From what I see, The Intel driver included in Haiku does not support your video card so Haiku is using VESA driver. But your video card is not fully supported by VESA driver? BeOS has different drivers from Haiku because they are separate from each other.

You could try SAFE MODE by pressing [SPACE BAR] when booting. Selecting 1) use fail-safe video mode and 2) choose a video mode, ie: 800x600x16, 800x600x32, 1024x768x16, 1024x768x32 - try a couple and maybe then you can boot Haiku.

Hopefully you can get into SAFE MODE & select VESA (fail-safe) graphics to boot Haiku. Otherwise, you will have to buy & install a supported video card to get it working because unlikely to see i810 driver for long time.

BeOS driver may work if you copy it to haiku partition and create symlink. Try that too & let us know if it worked.

Edit: Response slightly changed.

Alright, I found out the main problem. The i810 graphics chipset doesn’t support the VESA 2.0 driver but it DOES support vga. Is it possible to force Haiku into vga mode?

No VGA just VESA mode. You will have to install another video card to get Haiku working on that system.

Check for BIOS update for video card ( or motherboard if on-board ). Try lower resolutions @ 16 bit to see if that gets you anywhere in Haiku. ie: 640x480x16, etc.

No, still won’t work. Is it possible to use the beos driver on the livecd?

OK, it was worth a shot.

Cannot use BeOS driver on the livecd. If you have a Haiku partition. You can download the raw image. Mount it in BeOS, copy over the files to Haiku partition, run makebootable /Haiku, install boot manager (bootman) and then be able to copy over & create new symlink for BeOS driver on Haiku partition.

I am not sure if BeOS drivers work in Haiku. Something that is better asked on the mailing list.

Additional information in this thread:

See if that is any help to you.