Intel C++ compiler

It would be interesting to build Haiku with the Intel optimizing C++ compiler:






You guys are very quick to rush to judgement without all the facts.

Here are things that must be known before you can say no to the Intel C++ compiler:

Does Haiku use SSE extension on AMD cpus? If no, then no big deal

Is unoptimized AMD code from Intel C++ compiler much worse than GCC code for AMD?
If no, then no big deal.

The point is that we should compile Haiku for testing and exploration. I didn’t say we
needed to create an AMD-unoptimized distro… If we do this and find that Haiku is
much faster in some operations, we have learned valuable area for additional optimization.
It’s not a commitment or enslavement to Intel.

BTW, the Intel C++ compiler is available for free 30 day trial. Still need a volunteer to build Haiku…

The crippling aside, gcc has pretty much caught up with icc in vectorization (the area in which icc used to shine compared to other compilers) and furthermore intel themselves are pushing their optimizations into gcc (they recently hired codesourcery to work on optimizations for the i7 cpu line for gcc for example). There was a project around many moons ago that set out to compile linux using icc, afaik nothing concrete came out of it. Haiku compiles using GCC and later on LLVM as soon as it gets more mature, these are the two compilers of interest in my opinion and supporting them is pretty much all that is needed.

I belive AMD is supporting GCC now as well. check the developer zone.