Instructions and examples of yab?

Can the same thing, like BrickMaster (or the EGSL collision sprite example that I was working with) be done in YAB?

Sure it should, i never test it for now. But i am working on games at the moment so i can say many things possible. But not so fast and easy like egsl, because egsl is made for games.

-create a window with a cavas on it
-draw the image for the ball on the canvas

  • in the main loop, draw the background on the position of the ball and draw the ball on the next position for moving it
    -the same for the paddle
    -check bottom position of the ball to the upper Position of the paddle
    -check on what side of the paddle the ball get contakt and move the ball again up
  • left of the paddle move right of the playground, right of the paddle move left on the playground, middle on the paddle move up on the playground
    -check the ball position to know the ball has left the playground

If you have done this:

-draw the bricks to the playground
-check collision with the ball and here the same way like moving the ball or the paddle

If you have interest i can help you. But not today, on thuesday past 20 a clock european time i will be in irc #yab and #haiku

Thank you. I’d love to work in EGSL, but not getting any assistance, so hoping there is more support for YAB. How much effort would it take to find someone able to finish up the EGSL documentation and provide more, recent game code examples? Or is it pretty much a dead end, as far as a programming language for Haiku?

Egsl is no longer in development. A new version pulsar 2d is the current one. But pulsar 2d is young and not available on haiku.

My egsl ide has all available examples and current state of almost not finished documentation by the developer of egsl, included. Because pulsar 2d is in development, there will be no more documentation for egsl in the future.

At the moment i think egsl is only alife on haiku

Yab is a haiku only development language. Here are some active developers and forums, documentation.

I see no reason why EGSL was abandoned. It seems perfectly usable to me, provided you know what you’re doing. And I think it would be perfectly usable for one or two game ideas I have, if coded correctly.

But, if YAB is the “future” of BASIC programming languages for Haiku, then I think we need to focus on promotion and more code examples. Really build up user awareness and an “experience” for it.

If the “Collision Example” I was working with, in EGSL, could be replicated in YAB, that would be awesome and would definitely spur my motivation towards using YAB.

Yes it is useable and running on haiku 32bit. The developer Cypermonkey aka Markus Mangold stop developing EGSL because he rebuild his language and create Pulsar2D. Thats it. If there is someone here who have interest to work on EGSL would be fine.