Installing without a cd?

is it possible to install haiku with out a CD or flash drive? I want to instal it directly from my hard drive could this be done from a virtual drive? i.e daemon tools or is there an alernate setup file?
thank you

I have not tested any other methods but there may be some you can try out which could work:

  1. if you use Linux. Download Haiku image. dd to new partition. Done. You can boot new partition but will be limited to about 500 MB (size of image). You can create another partition, copy files over, run makebootable and then have a 2nd Haiku partition without size limit.
  2. Running off virtual machine with install partition may work. You could copy the files over from running image to new partition, run makebootable & hopefully it works. Running makebootable in virtual machine could cause an issue.

You will have to try different methods to see if any work.

I do not believe Daemon Tools will work. It acts like a CD-ROM but meant for program cd not OS cd. Imagine trying to run Windows 7 or Linux in daemon tools. Should not work.

If you use Linux, you’ll have to build and run makebootabletiny in replacement for makebootable.

for expert only !

Rather than say it’s for experts I would say, use with extreme caution as you would any software that writes to your partition table and/or MBR/PBR. Judging from the OP’s question, if they are using linux, this should not be beyond them, especially if they can understand the linked article and comments. As Urias said in the first comment:

It’s pretty self-explanatory I think, but don’t use this if you have no clue what you’re doing or you could easily destroy the boot block on the wrong partition.

While testing alpha 1, I ran into some issues with some systems where the BIOS was apparently looking for a partition table with an active partition to transfer control to the partition boot record rather than passing control to the MBR. This meant that these particular systems would not boot a flash drive that had a Haiku raw image written to them (via dd if=haikuimage of=/dev/sdx).

To get around this issue I partitioned the flash drive, wrote Haiku to one of the partitions on the flash drive (via dd if=haikuimage of=/dev/sdxn) and ran makebootabletiny. Compiling makebootabletiny was very straightforward even for somebody with very limited programming expertise like me.

I believe this particular booting issue has been addressed in the nightlies and should make alpha 2 boot from a flash drive on more systems.

I installed ReactOS once using a virtual machine. I used QEMU, andd mounted the drive as the hard disk, then ran the installer. The important thing is that you must mount a whole drive, and not just a partition. Otherwise, it treats just one partition as the whole disk, and will create a MBR and a partition table inside a partition. I would say that it’s much easier to use a memory stick, but if that’s not an option for you, this may be an idea.