Installing Problems

hi everyone

i am having some issues installing haiku on my laptop. i can get as far as the splash screen and see the icons light up then i get a panic notice. it says it cant find a boot partition. now do i have to have a boot loader already installed or just a partition with a specific format? and I’m using the ISO image because my laptop doesn’t support usb booting. and how do i get into safe mode? i read somewhere i had to hold down the shift key, and when i do that i see select safe mode options but no boot in safe mode. thanks in advance.

I just took notice of your unanswered post…
I am new to HAIKU, but as far as I can tell, you have to assign a BeOS formatted partition first, to install the OS. This can be done from the HAIKU installer, you are queried at the beginning of the installation.

If Windows or Linux is installed on your laptop, why don’t you try Oracle’s Virtual Box for HAIKU? The set up is simple and you will have a hardfile to use with HAIKU instead of tinkering with your hardware. With an Intel chipset, chances are good, to even get a working sound system.

As you decide to create a real partition on your hard disk, you might try the free Gnome Partion Editor (GPartED) to do so. A boot loader like GRUB might be helpful too, if you would like to boot different OS’s natively.