Installing Pre-Software


Trying to install Jam with “sudo ./jam0 install” but ham command not found. Already cloned git repository for haiku (git clone and buildtools repository ( git clone Any suggestions?


jam0 should be in buildtools/jam/


Hi jjpx, I just cd to buildtools/jam and ran the same sudo command, but got the same error message. I already “ls” all the items and there are no files named jam0


What operating system are you running this on?

Haiku itself doesn’t have sudo if you are attempting to build on Haiku, and you can omit it if you already have a root shell. Also Haiku already has jam installed so you don’t need to build it.

Also if buildtools/jam doesn’t contain jam0 you didn’t run make first before running ls… once you do that it will be there and you can continue.


I have macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6. I ran make and now it works. Thanks


No problem have fun!


Nice little chicken and egg bootstrapping conundrum. To build a build system, you must first build the build system with a different build system.


At least the Makefile is relatively trivial… for jam0

It’s really not that big of a deal.


The process is confusing because:

  • It’s undocumented (sigh)
  • You have to first run make, then jam0, then jam0 install, which is unusual.


Write the documentation to!