Installing Linux along Haiku

Hello. I’m going to install Linux in a partition, algonside Haiku and WinXP. Now, I’m using Bootman as bootmanager, but I was reading that bootman dont work well with Linux. So, I’m thinking replacing it with GRUB, or the default boot manager that is included in Xubuntu.

There are some recomendations / things to avoid before installing Linux in this conditions?

Thank you!!

Install Windows first, then Haiku, then Linux. Haiku uses a bootmanager that supports chainloading, which means GRUB will be able to detect it automatically and launch it once installed by Linux.

I used to think CypressTwist’s advice was the way to go. But for some reason, after some update of Ubuntu I suspect, grub wasn’t able to boot into Haiku anymore…
Considering that you’re already using bootman for Haiku and Windows, I suggest to try what I did: Install Linux to a partition and setup grub to be put into that partition and not the volume, that is e.g. in sda1, not sda. Then boot Haiku and run bootman again to add your new Linux partition.
Bootman will hand over to grub which will boot your Linux. Works for me…


Hello! Thanks for your help. I did exactly as you said, and works perfect!

Thank you!!

If grub does not detect them automatically, read here to add haiku into grub: