Installing Haiku on Parallels 4

So first I would like to admit that I am a newbie to BeOS. My goal is to install it on Parallels 4.0 to run it on my macbook. I downloaded Haiku from here and made the .pvm but on first boot it freezes on the loading screen. (The part that says Haiku and shows 7 icons below, it freezes when the 4th icon goes from black and white to color.)

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is what I want to do even possible? Is there another program I can use to do what I want? Thanks for any help!

Look through here to get you started:

Supported virtual machine software ( known to work ) are:
Qemu, VirtualBox & VmWare

I am really in over my head here. I think I have progress passed the icons freezing on boot up. However now I just get a kernel panic. I’m not really quite sure what to do now and I read all the comments on that page including the linked forums with no good resolutions. Also the link to the “nightly” build does not go anywhere so I just used the raw build, not sure if thats the same thing or not.

I searched quickly. Two people said Haiku does not work with Parallels 4.

You may have to try it with another virtual machine I mentioned above. I also forgot to mention “Q” which I think works too.

You can also try hitting [space bar] over & over while booting Haiku to get to safe mode options and try them out ( ie: disable certain things ). Also, you can enable console debugging which shows what is going on ( boot icons are only for show and give no information ).

I actually got it to work perfectly in “Q”. Thanks a lot!

Would prefer to use Parallels, but if that’s not an option… oh well.