Installing BeOSMax

I can’t seem to get the installer to run on my system, it starts to boot up, and then it just resets, I’ve tried disabling various items and such, nota.

I do have an install on an old harddrive which boots up just fine on my system, just that the installer does not want to actually run, kinda wierd.

Any ideas?

this problem sounds fimilar, maybe you’ve got too much ram? maybe your’e running an amd cpu, which (iirc requires a special boot disk) i hope this helps (mind you i havnt given you much info) srry :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you connected the cd-rom drive on a seperate cable?
If so checking if it is set to master might help.

Athlon 2600+ with 512mb of RAM

It boots to the CD-Rom, but just before it starts loading setup, it reboots the system.

I can boot to a harddrive that already has it installed, just can’t install it to a new drive.