Installing a bootloader?

When switching from Linux to Haiku, i got the GRUB rescue error message.
And so i used the boot-repair utility to remove it, after what i got the message that said “An operating system wasn’t found”. After that, i tried reinstalling the system, but this message persisted. So how do i download the bootloader?

I’ve had a couple of times the boot loader didn’t seem to take properly, what I did was to re initialize the disk, reformat, & re install Haiku - it might be quicker than trying to fix a broken system.

Formatting the whole drive (instead of just one partition like i did before) fixed the problem, thanks

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as an explanation:
you use bios boot, this will check the first sector of the disk for the bootloader. Haiku puts it’s bootloader only onto the active partition.

The boot sector for the disk is written actually when initializing the partition table, so if you reuse a partition table this boot sector does not get overwritten, leaving you with the broken grub boot sector.

And how to fix it:

  • If you create a partition table using DriveSetup, it will install a boot sector to it
  • Or you can also reinstall the bootsector manually using the “writembr” command