Installer doesn't see my HDD

Good day! I have some problems during the install process of Haiku. The installer doesn’t see my HDD at all and shows only my DVD-ROM when I’m trying to create BFS partition. My HDD model is Hitachi HTS5416 (120 Gb, SATA). Is there any way to solve this problem? Thanks for your answers.

Is your DVD-ROM attached by SATA or PATA?

Does your motherboard support AHCI SATA?

Can you change the setting in your BIOS for SATA to Legacy (IDE) mode? Try that.

  1. DVD-ROM attached by PATA
  2. Yes, it does
  3. No, there is no possibility to switch to Legacy mode.

That’s odd. It’s rare that it doesn’t have a legacy mode. Make sure that AHCI mode is fully enabled in the BIOS. Can you find out what motherboard and what southbridge or SATA controller you have.

Likely SATA related issue.

To get extra information;
In Linux: lspci -nn
In Windows: Go into Device Manager, Select your SATA controller (not drive), Properties, Details Tab, Hardware IDs (just need ven & dev info).

My Atom 330 & Core i3s both allow me to switch to legacy (IDE) mode for SATA.

Give motherboard manufacturer & model if you happen to know them.

I’ve forgotten to say, that I’m using a notebook, not a PC. And as far as I know, in many models of notebooks it’s impossible to switch to legacy (IDE) mode for SATA. Here is some extra information:

  1. ven is 1002, dev is 4379
  2. motherboard - Acer Navarro, chipset - ATI (AMD) RS480 Host Bridge

You have:
IXP SB400 Serial ATA Controller

I am fairly certain that SB700 and newer only support AHCI. The older (early) SATA controllers were not AHCI (required different drivers). AHCI came out around 2007.

Haiku offers only AHCI driver for SATA.

My Atom 330 does not have AHCI SATA either so I have to use Legacy mode for it. (Legacy mode is only way to get Haiku to work with my SATA drive on that (non-AHCI) motherboard).

My notebook offers the option to use Legacy mode but not all do. (ie: yours may not). Check in the BIOS, look for setting that disables SATA, around there you may find to switch your SATA to Legacy/IDE/ATA mode which makes it look like PATA controller to the OS.

You can also check here and see for yourself:

Notice the SB600 was made in 2006 and does not have AHCI support. The SB700 & newer list AHCI. The SB400 is older than SB600. So, no AHCI for that one either.

I’ve checked the BIOS and there is no way to switch my SATA to Legacy/IDE/ATA mode. So, is there any way to install Haiku on my laptop?

There is no way to install on your SATA hard drive since Haiku requires AHCI SATA controller or Legacy mode for SATA.

USB key-drive should work. If your laptop boots USB drives then try this out (install and boot from USB key).

Haiku only has AHCI SATA driver (maybe one or two others) but none that support SB400 SATA controller. So, either you wait a very long time (many years) and hope a driver is made for your SB400 hardware or install to USB key now or upgrade to notebook with AHCI SATA.

The reason AHCI standard came about was because everyone was making their own SATA controllers and you needed to use manufacturer’s drivers. Ie: Nvidia, ATI, Intel, Silicon Image, VIA, etc, …

Appears that legacy_sata is in the image (for some non-AHCI). Will check what it supports soon.

Updated: legacy_sata supports VIA, Nvidia and Ali. Also, Silicon Image and ITE SATA drivers in Haiku Image (r38122).