Installed but It WILL NOT boot

Ok I’m new to this but I just don’t get it, I installed Haiku Well and good, runs from CD too. Reboot and I get ‘can’t find boot’ Huh? What is going on here? Haiku gives me a whole mess of code and something about debug. Help

hmmm, that is peculiar.what version are you running and what type of hardware do you have ?

After three hours of struggle and attempts to understand the messages I came to the conclusion it was a gremlin as I turned off and went for supper then tried again and it worked. So, Thanks for replying It seems to have fixed itself ??? PC’s are wondrous things !

I just put Haiku on my Asus Eee 900A. I had what sounds like it may have been the same problem. In my case, it wouldn’t boot because I had previously had Ubuntu Linux on the netbook, and the installer saw GRUB in the master boot record and didn’t overwrite it. I fixed it by rebooting using the USB stick I installed from, and manually executing bootman to install a boot manager over GRUB.

So why am I typing this even though your problem is resolved? In case someone else has the same problem booting; maybe this will help!