Installed Apps do not show up

Hey all,

Recently I just downloaded a few programs for use with Haiku, but when I double click what I think is the installer (in the Tracker it says it is a Be application) it runs but not installs. Then, I used an app called Synthetic Package Manager to install BeZilla Browser. Synthetic said it installed, but it does not show up in Feather Menu|Applications. It runs fine though if I launch it from /boot/apps. Does anyone know how to fix this and/or what I am doing wrong?


Great! I tried what you suggested and it worked flawlessly.

Thanks so much!

Haiku don’t use installers yet. Programs run from any place in most cases. You need manually put application to /boot/apps/[app name]/ and make symlink to it in leaf menu(Deskbar preferences… -> Edit menu).