Installation trouble - Unable to find boot partition

I’ve been trying to use a Live CD of the Haiku iso to install Haiku onto my spare partition, but I run into an error every time I boot from disk.

More specifically, the Haiku boot image starts up and gets to the fourth icon (disk with maple leaf), then the Kernel Debugging Land box shows up and tells me “PANIC: no boot partition was found!”

I am running Linux Mint 12 w/ Cinnamon 1.4 (GNOME 3) on my primary partition, and have already tried a variety of tips on this forum such as compiling and using the “makebootabletiny.c” file.

If anybody can help me boot/install Haiku based on this information, or if more information is required, any help would be much appreciated.

Can you file a ticket for this? Make sure to include the hardware information, listed at the bottom of the page.

Yep, I will fiddle around with different boot loader/safe mode/etc. options first to get a better idea of the bug to be reported before I do though.

Okay, I managed to install it now. Still not sure exactly what I did wrong before, nor am I sure how I managed to fix it…

Have you changed anything in your BIOS?

No. I just went through and re-did all my previous steps (partition, make bootable, etc.). Both the CD and USB methods worked afterwards.